The BoonDoctor

Mobile RV Service Focusing on Solar, Battery, & Electrical

Mobile RV Technician – Specializing in Solar, Battery, and Electrical

  • Run your RV air conditioning, microwave, C-PAP, television, refrigerator, completely from solar & battery.
  • Power all of your wall outlets from solar & battery.
  • I can convert your RV to go completely off-grid!
  • Lithium Batteries, Power Inverters, Victron Equipment.
  • I am a Victron Specialist and offer remote consulting.
  • I do RV electrical repair work too!
  • I install and winter in Salome AZ.
  • I can install at your location.

How Much Solar Do I Need For My RV?

Do you need 200 watts? 700 watts? or more? Find out how much solar you need.

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What Kind of Battery Should You Get?

Lithium, AGM, flooded cell, 12 volt, 6 volt… What should you get for your RV?

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Should You Upgrade to Lithium?

Lithium batteries offer many benefits, but is it really worth the higher price?

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Can You Run AC from Solar & Batteries?

Yes I can! Air conditioning can be run from solar & batteries. I can set this up for you.

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Who is the BoonDoctor?

With 1,600 watts of solar panels and 3 Tesla Modules, John earned his nickname (the BoonDoctor) while helping fellow RVers diagnose their solar and electrical issues.

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