Hire the BoonDoctor

Would you rather have an experienced RV solar and battery technician do the work for you?

Me in small spaceI live, eat, and breathe solar and battery systems! I boondock in my RV full time and tinker, play, and experiment with solar panels, battery banks, and associated parts and gadgets.

I’ve helped many RV boondockers save money by installing solar panels, battery banks, and charge controllers. I’m pretty confident I can help you!

My Services

I can install RV electrical systems, including solar panels, battery banks, inverters, and charge controllers. I can troubleshoot your RV’s electrical issues, replace broken parts, or upgrade your equipment.

Would you like to be able to run your microwave, air conditioning, or hair dryer from your solar and batteries? Yup, I can do that too.

I will evaluate your electrical needs, engineer a system that will save thousands of dollars a year, and install it for you.

I can help you pick out your perfect RV or make your RV perfect for you!

Why choose me?

Victron Distributor and Specialist
BattleBorn Distributor
Lifeline Distributor
Progressive Industry surge protector Distributor
Marine grade Anchor wire
UL rated wire crimpers and ring terminals
ATC Service Technician

My Location

Because I’m a full time RV boondocker, I don’t have a brick-n-mortar location. I spend the colder part of the year in the desert SouthWest, and the warmer part of the year in higher elevation. But I do travel around the western USA often. It’s best to contact me ahead of time so that we can make arrangements.

I can offer discounts on Solar equipment

victron energyI am a distributor for Victron Energy products. I sell their products (inverters, solar chargers, battery monitors etc). I am BattleBorn and Lifeline distributor as well. I source my solar panels from wholesalers and can get you high quality panels, including higher-yield residential panels, and fit them on most RVs. I do stock the most common solutions.

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