About the BoonDoctor

I am the BoonDoctor.

No, I am not a medical doctor, but if I was, I wouldn’t be the kind to cut you or drug you. I would be in functional medicine. Instead of telling you that you have xxxxx and here is your prescription, I would be the one asking you about your diet, your exercise program and your love life. Then together we would find realistic solutions to solve your issues.

As the BoonDoctor I’m here to share practical and effective RV boondocking solutions.

All of my life I have enjoyed helping people. I’m the type of guy that loves to research, compare and read reviews of electronics. My specialty is a combination of being able to consume content, cross reference, compare it and store the important parts for use.

I researched solar for 5+ years before making a single purchase of a solar panel or Deep Cycle battery. Once I felt prepared, I bought an RV Toy Hauler, sold my home and have lived off grid ever since. I installed all of the electrical system including solar panels, batteries, inverter, charger controller and other parts to make it all play nice. I LIVE with my system everyday.

I may not be a licensed electrician although I can play one on YouTube! I have a deep electrical background consisting of replacing electrical panels in 3 of the homes I have owned along with bringing each home up to code. I have also worked with higher amp DC current in several work trucks that I have owned.

Sometimes doing it myself means saving money, but that’s not my main motivation.

Like you, I prefer to do the work myself for a number of reasons. I want to understand how things work, I want to know how to solve problems as they arise and most importantly, I want to know the work is done to meet my high expectations.

You’re here with questions and I’m here to help you find solutions. Let’s get started!

Happy the BoonKitty

I found Happy while walking on the prairie path next to my old house in May of 2016. I lived in the country, across from a dairy farm, so it was fairly common to see cats around the area. I had given up trying to approach them (to pet them) because they would always run away. This time, though, something told me to try again.

I made my way to the end of the prairie path, down the road, and over to the field he was in. Quietly walking through the tall grass so as not to spook him, I got within seventy five feet before he turned his head towards me.

He stayed put… what a surprise!

Thinking he would run away any minute, I continued walking towards him VERY slowly and softly started saying, “Here kitty kitty”. To my utter surprise, he got up and came TOWARDS me when I was about thirty feet from him! But he was only using 3 legs to get to me.

He was in pretty bad shape… most likely from a fight with a wild animal or another cat. He had two severely infected wounds… one on the inside of his upper right rear leg, and the other on his left front leg. Also, worms and/or bugs had burrowed into his skin and were basically eating him from the inside out (as I learned later when I took him to the vet). And, he was VERY skinny.

I will never forget how he acted when he got to me… like there was nothing wrong with him. He purred, and purred some more, and rubbed against my legs… he seemed so happy to see me! I slowly made my way back to the house… carrying him part way and him “walking” (remember, on 3 legs) part way. I wasn’t sure if he would try and bite me, so I got nervous several times and put him down to walk. He followed me each time!

(I will spare you pictures of his wounds and the holes in his skin from the worms/bugs.) His white fur was a dingy tannish/brown, and he had several cuts on his body, too.

Because I found Happy on a Saturday, in the late afternoon, the only places open were vet hospitals. I had never been to one… I’m picky about who’s going to exam my pets (see, Happy was already working his way into my  heart!); I didn’t have any experience with doctors there. And I really didn’t want to pay an extraordinary amount of money just yet. However, I was able to use the after hours services at New Hope Veterinary Clinic in German Valley (IL), my current vet at the time… Dr. Bob rocks! Got Happy on antibiotics that night, and scheduled him for a thorough exam the following Monday.

The antibiotics took care of the two wounds and worms/bugs. Dr Bob found an infected pad on his right rear paw, so Happy got to wear a cute little bootie for a week. He was actually good about wearing it, too. He didn’t try and pull it off or chew on it!

He was estimated to be about a year old (Dr Bob affectionately called him “last year’s model”!), and I decided to use the date I found him as his birthday. Since he ate/cleaned up everything like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, I had at first started calling him “Hoover”. Later, I used the name “Happy”, because he truly was happy from the first day I found him.

Overall, Happy made a fast recovery, and quickly worked his way into my heart. I was NOT looking to add another cat to my home. I already had two senior cats, but Happy was meant to be with me. Happy lived in my detached garage for the summer, and I slowly introduced the cats to each other.

I soon noticed that he wasn’t the typical cat. He likes going in the vehicle with me, wears a harness without any objections, and walks on a leash!

And he can hunt like you wouldn’t believe (will also spare you pictures of his catches)! He caught 4 chipmunks in one afternoon that summer. And he pants like a dog when he’s hot.

Here are some recent pics and videos of Happy. Enjoy!