2020 ATC 28′ FB two Lithium batteries and Victron BMV 712 to Power 12v Norcold Fridge

This is the first factory installed Norcold N10DCSSR refrigerator that I have been able to play with. The ATC toy haulers from 2020 and newer will use about 30AH of battery per day with the 12v switch on and no other usage. My testing showed the Norcold 10 cu ft will use about 80AH of battery per day for the fridge alone. With the load of the DC powered fridge and the parasitic loads of the Toyhauler the battery bank needs to be bigger/better than what comes stock from the factory.

My Solution

We installed two BattleBorn 100AH batteries and a Victron Smart Shunt to carry the load between shore power/generator run times. This customer does not expect to much boondocking. I expect the 2 Lithium batteries to keep the trailer/fridge running for 2 days without any charging. When charging the batteries with the stock converter will produce 350 DC watts it is important to note that it will take about 8 hours of charge time to bring batteries from empty to full. This will be the same on shore or generator power.

If you will use lead acid batteries for this trailer and you will need at least 200AH capacity and expect to use at least 100AH of it per day without charging them.

Read more about the Norcold N10DCSSR and battery here.




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