2007 Airstream with 3000w inverter and Battle Born batteries.

My customer has 2007 Airstream and is fitting it up for boondocking. They wanted all 120v side of trailer to just work on battery. Other wants included room for expansion of batteries, robust equipment, ground deployable solar panels and a connected system.

My Solution

I was able to fit two of the Battle Born batteries on one side of the inverter leaving room under corner for expansion later. I utilized a Victron 100/50 charge controller to handle up to 700w of solar through the coiled up PV wire with inline circuit breakers. The Cerbo GX  fit well to give total control of the system via the touchscreen.

I installed a Victron Mutiplus 3,000 watt hybrid-inverter to run the entire trailer from battery power. This will be a huge upgrade from the stock converter. The stock converter would take over 6 hours to charge the new batteries and Multiplus will complete the task in 1.6hrs!





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