610 Watt Solar Panel Install with Cargo Rack


An ATC toy hauler owner wanted to add solar panels to their 2020 28 foot Front Bedroom trailer. It did not come with the generator or solar from the factory, but the cargo rack was installed. They needed a solution that allowed them to keep the batteries full with the stock inverter running TVs and have enough for the furnace all night.

The Problems With Their Old System

The new trailers have a steady 2A load just to keep the lights off and no electronics charging either. With no generator they needed a pair of 6v batteries and solar to keep them unplugged.

My Solution

I connected the existing 6v batteries and tried to mount my 700 watt solar package. Two of  my 350 watt residential grade solar panels were not going to fit on the roof with the roof rack. I have installed this on a 2019 28 FB but ATC has relocated the bathroom vent on this trailer. Maybe because it has the 3rd Maxxair vent? I was able to fit a 360w and a 250w panel along the passenger side. I then ran the PV wires down the fridge vent and connected it to a Victron 100/50 MPPT solar charge controller. I also installed Victron’s cellphone app so that the customer can monitor all of the solar/battery data.

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