900 Watts of Solar, 10kW Tesla in a 25’FB

This customer’s existing set up in 2019 25′ FB included the 5500 Onan, 150 watt solar panel and one AGM battery. ┬áHe wanted a solution that included being able to run the furnace all night, run free standing freezer, TV and laptop without starting the generator.

My Solution

A 10kW battery bank (two Tesla Modules) and 3000 watt inverter would allow for silent, fuel saving microwave, freezer, laptops and TV off battery at any time of day or night. The AC could run for 4+ hours.

I was able to fit three 250 watt panels on the roof for total of 750w to help charge and offset inverter useage. The 25′ FB has reduced roof space with 150w stock solar panel.

I installed a Victron Mutiplus 3,000 watt hybrid-inverter to run the entire trailer from battery power. Customer opted for the onboard touchscreen and Cerbo which orchestrates all of the parts of the system well. It will data log, view and control the electrical systems. This system as programmed will just work off solar, generator or shore power seamlessly.

The stock 150w solar panel was matched with Victron solar charge controller with data logging. This is dedicated to charging the generator battery.

Technical Information

There is redundancy for temp and voltage for the Lithium battery including mini BMS. If the Tesla batteries are ever emptied below the programmed threshold the system disconnects. There is still a dedicated generator battery to reliably start the Onan. Once Shore/Solar/Generator power is supplied the batteries will charge and the system comes back online. The Converter can power the 12v side of trailer and is operational but retired. The charger section of the inverter can put 70A into the battery from generator/shore power.




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