1050 watts of solar, 15kWh of Tesla battery on 28′ ATC Toyhauler

My customer and I planned out the solar/battery/inverter install prior to ordering the trailer. This is very common when the customer wants an electrical solution that is not a cookie cutter solution. The trailer is a 2021 ATC 28′ FB Game Changer Pro, which means it comes with a 1000w Progressive inverter, the generator prep, a Blue Sky PWM charge controller (lowest level of Victron) and most of the electrical components mounted to a modular plate secured to the ceiling. This customer opted to skip the generator upgrade (from the manufacturer) and concentrate on making his trailer solar reliant and keeping it Unplugged!

Starting in 2021 ATC has refined the way they install the electrical components. They are closer together in order to be conservative of space and they mount the components on the ceiling to further give the customer more room. The major changes included running the main AC wiring under the trailer in liquid tight conduit, upgrading the wire from battery to DC panel from 8ga to 6ga, Solar Prewired with 8ga wire from the front compartment to just under the roof above the side door (there will still need to be a hole drilled in the roof for access), Composite floor from side entry door and forward and a composite rear door.

My Solution

The parts consist of a 15kW battery bank (3-Second Life Tesla Modules), Orion 24 to 12v converter, Victron hybrid 3000 watt inverter, Progressive hard wired surge protector, Cerbo GX with touchscreen, Midnite main disconnect breaker box and 1050 watts of solar on the roof (3-350w Second Life Sunpower solar panels).

I installed a Victron Mutiplus 3,000 watt hybrid-inverter to run the entire trailer from battery power. Without the onboard generator the 15kWh Tesla battery bank is amazing. This is comparable to 12 BattleBorn batteries that would measure 14″ x 93″ x 8″, just over 9 sqft. The Tesla battery bank can run the trailer with the 12v compressor fridge for 15 days without assistance from the 1050w of solar that I installed on the roof. The Progressive Industries EMW-LCHw50 hard wired surge protector allows for constant protection from faulty shore power situations. The Cerbo GX device orchestrates all of the parts of the system… it will data log, allow remote view and control the electrical systems when connected to the internet. When I removed the stock inverter I added a 15 amp outlet in the front compartment since there was not one on the trailer. This trailer has a 100A @ 24v output for the customer’s use.

I was able to re mount the existing transfer switch higher to allow for the inverter to fit under and keep the electrical components more compact. I was also able to remove some of the wires to make it a cleaner install with the ability to haul 8′ material loaded from the side door!

Technical Information

I utilize the original primary cell voltage and both temp sensors that are in the Tesla Modules. This information is monitored, readable and actionable through the mini BMS that I implement. There is also redundancy on the charging side to increase reliability. I reduce the capacity used of the Tesla modules for longevity and safety. If the Tesla batteries are ever emptied below the programmed threshold the system disconnects.  Once Shore/Solar/Generator power is supplied the batteries will charge and the system will come back online. The charger section of the inverter can put 70A into the battery from generator/shore power. A new update for Victron GX devices is the ability to upgrade firmware on inverter and settings on all devices connected via VE direct. THIS is a Game Changer!


I am constantly reminded of how much programming is involved by other DIY people that reach out to me on a regular basis. I have a lot of free information on my website regarding how to do things, but there is a lot to absorb. Each part of the install has important pieces of the programming that are necessary to make things work and play correctly with the rest of the system. Every install I perform is custom designed to meet or exceed my customer’s needs and/or desires.

I offer consulting services and sell kits for DIY solutions. Check out my store for more information. My prices are competitive and I offer ongoing support to my customers. Please reach out to me through email for your next solar solution.





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