Get 700 watts of solar panels installed
on your ATC Toy Hauler for just $3600.00.

My special offer for all ATC Toy Hauler owners…

  • 700 watts of high-output, residential grade solar panels
  • Victron Energy, MPPT Solar Controller
  • Heavy duty, 4-gauge wiring from Solar controller to battery
  • Heavy duty 10-gauge UV-rated wiring between solar panels, with wire anchors and Dicor sealant
  • Mounted to your roof’s crossbeams with aluminum mounting brackets, secured by rivets with adhesive for maximum bond.
  • Panels suspended 1 to 2 inches above the roof to keep cool, offering maximum efficiency.
  • Wiring ran through the trailer hidden from view
  • Includes Victron Energy, Bluetooth app installed and configured on your cellphone.
  • All personally installed by me at your home, campsite, or storage.

Cut the Cord From RV Parks!

This solution will generate enough electricity to keep your batteries charged all day while still running lights, fans, water pump, laptops, and other 12V devices.

Your batteries will have enough charge to run your furnace all night long (assuming you have an adequate battery bank).

It will generate enough power for small inverters, allowing you to run C-PAP machines and televisions.

Give your generator a break, and save money on gasoline.

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