Hopefully, if you’re curious enough about RV boondocking, or maybe you’re a vanlifer, you would have already read my, “About Page” to learn more about who this, “BoonDoctor” guy is.

To be honest, it’s not easy summing up the decades of my career and personal life into a handful of paragraphs.

So, that’s where this blog comes in. Right here, right where you’re reading. Much of the material I’ve written on BoonDoctor is to help you get a handle on outfitting your RV or van for some long-term, deep woods, way out in the wilderness style camping. But this blog you’re reading right now is meant to share more insight about my travels across the country. It’s to share with you the joys and headaches associated with owning, operating, and maintaining a rig that meant to make you comfortable in the lands of Mother Nature.

I also love meeting other boondockers, bloggers, YouTubers, and industry folks.

Got a question about solar panels, batteries, propane, plumbing, generators, towing? Visit, “Ask the BoonDoctor” and send me your question. I’ll answer you right away, and share it here on the website.

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