Victron Multiplus 24v-3000w-120AC-70A Inverter/Charger


I usually carry one with me and I can ship as well. I can order and might have the 12v version too. I will need to calculate shipping, please reach out to me.

This is the same inverter that I use in my home! This is a Hybrid inverter which will let you throttle down the AC input current to as little as 7.5A allowing you to plug into 15A house circuit and not trip the house breaker. If you get 12A from house, some from solar, run 15k AC unit and the inverter will pull or charge remaining current with the battery. It will also allow you to plug into 30A shore power, run two 15k AC units with inverter pulling remaining/surge current from battery/solar combination.


Multiplus sheet 1

Multiplus sheet 2


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