Midnite Solar Baby Box w/2 MNEPV DC Circuit Breakers


This is the most cost effective way that I have found to fuse and have the ability to shut down for service. This breaker box will come with 2 DC breakers and room for up to 4 DC breakers for expansion. Some use extra space for ground panels or to disconnect truck power from trailer. The MNEPV DC Breakers are good for 150v and up to 63A in the single space configuration. Special use DC breakers of up to 300v are available with extra cost. These Breaker will accept up to 2ga wire. Welding Wire is smaller in diameter and recommended in certain circumstances.


This box will come with 2 DC 150v breakers, I will need to know the amperage for both sides of the solar charger to get you the correct sized circuit breakers. Let me know in comment section when you place order.


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