How to use your RV Maxxair fan as a night light.

As long as your RV Maxxair fan has an “auto” mode it will work as a great night light.

To activate the night light, just push the “auto” button once and it will light up a green led that will let you know that it is activated. Use power button will turn it off. Both functions can be used from the remote as well. The led is a very efficient way to illuminate your RV. When your boondocking, every little amount of battery you can save is a big deal, especially in the winter time when the sun goes down at 5pm. Now this light is not very bright during the day, but at night when my eyes acclimate to the dark it will be so bright that I can’t sleep in the bedroom with it on. I also find it easier visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night without the use of a light that could wake someone else.

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